Neighbouring scenes

As you can see on the map in the previous post, the competition scenes of the Pentathlon World Championship are close to each other. Why is it so important? As it is written earlier we can except a public transport strike during the WCh. It would be very inconvenient if there would be transport problems between the scenes.
Two years ago, on the Pentathlon Europe Championship we tried to realize the events within a relatively small circle. It almost succeeded then, we had to stage the swimming in the Római Pool. Our plan fully succeeded now. As you can see on the map, the running, swimming and riding will be held in the same arena and cca. 12000 visitors (included the press) can be seated around the competitions. The fencing and shooting will be held inside the Syma Hall, fewer than 100 meters from the outdoor mobile tribunes.
We hope every visitor and accredited Press Member will enjoy the result of our work.


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