May 30


You can follow the events of the Pentathlon World Championship visiting (Hungarian) or (English).
Photos are available on or with greater resolution on
The forum of the events:

May 25

Pentathlon Live

You can follow the six-days events of the Pentathlon World Championship live on the homepage of the WCh. Six cameras transmit the events and everybody can decide which of them is interesting enough to watch in greater view. There was not such a broadcast…

The live broadcast will be completed with English and Hungarian commentary on every day, from the first competition to the last one. According the plans there will be summaries about the most interesting spots and interviews with the nowdays and old competitors.

May 22

Our Heroes: the Volunteers

More than 100 volunteers help the organizers to perform their tasks. You can find them everywhere, at all times. They can be young or elder but all of them are keen and tireless. They are the engine of all events. They check the tickets, lead the teams, show the way, find your lost items, inform you, and so on.
We always can rely on them. They don’t get any payment only a “Thanks”. Let me say it loud: